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Tales of the Valhalla Room
Last Night at the Valhalla Room
This story is set around three or four years after the events in 2009, where most of A Year and Change is set. Right now it's experimental, but tell me what you think. It's a bit spicy--well, it's PG-13 for language and subject matter and has references to same sex, well, sex. The Valhalla Room, of course is a Biker Bar, at least now, so you've got to expect a certain level of crudity not seen in normal Sailor Moon stories. But this is a Sailor Moon story, and I'm writing not just to have fun but to explore some of the mythology that lies underneath shojo anime.
One (In Progress)

A Year and Change: Heavens and Earth

A Death in the Family
The unexpected death of Haruka's older brother may have much larger consequences than grief for her family . . .
Memories of Tokyo
October 30, 2009
Benicia and Pleione
This series of scenes are set after the Reverend first encounters Usagi-tachi.
The Reverend and Usagi
This is the first direct confrontation between Usagi and the Reverend Johnny Lee.
After Vera
These follow immediately on the death of Vera Yount.
The First of Sailor Earth
These scenes, which start out with a dream, are my first attempt at bringing out my long-threatened Sailor Earth. Quite obviously unfinished; I've written out more but haven't put it on computer yet.
Venus Libitina (11:11 AM 1/11/2002)
Venus makes yet another sacrifice.
A Meeting of Minds
The Younts come to Japan, persuaded by the Reverend, and accompanied by him, to meet with Makoto--and some other people. What does the Reverend really hope to get from this? Is there any hope sanity will break out?

Book Five: The Rabbit Queen

I decided to begin a new book with the arrival of the Kinmokunai refugees. Obviously things are going to get interesting . . .

First Contact(1/18/2002)
The first publicised meeting between the refugees from Kinmoku and people from Earth. Introduces Meiya, Kakyuu's consort—who plays a double game. Occurs in March of 2010.
Two Men in Black
The Reverend tries to get his daughter out of the hands of Usagi-tachi.
The Mountebank
Meiya's most valuable agent suggests that the Reverend may be helpful to their cause (which is not Kakyuu's.)
The Dry Farm
The Reverend at nadir, drying out in a private detox clinic.
Second Visitation
Michael Fine takes Alvin back to Japan to see Tammy and Philip, and has time to consider just what he has gotten into.
Meiya and Usagi
Kakyuu's husband has his first substantive meeting with the woman his (supposed) sovereign has entrusted so much to.
An Angel of Mercy
A senshi saves Alvin after some devastating news. But why?
The senshi begin to learn unexpected things about themselves.
After the Dance
Several scenes involving Makoto, Zoë, and Juzo.
Five Wives
An evening in the complicated life of Lt. Col Verhofen, Besu's husband. In Progress

Eight (Almost Nine), or What I Learned on my Summer Vacation

I decided to bring together what I've written about Leon Verhofen together into a short story, which will fit inside the larger story of The Rabbit Queen.
Beri Big
Verhofen's son learns of a mysterious change in his father's life.
Badger Game
Verhofen's ex brings his son down for a visitation and a look see at his new wife. Could something go wrong? Not quite finished but the main action is all there, and I want to go on to the next chapter before coming back to polish this one. 
After the Badger
Eight (almost nine) years old Leon Verhofen gets a surprise visit in the middle of the night. Then, he gets some more surprises on the way to his long-promised visit to Disney world with his father and his new stepmom, Besu.
Leon learns there is much more to Besu and her sisters than he suspected.
Hey, could life get any stranger for Leon Verhofen? Well, yes! In Progress.
Catfish Walk
Don't ask.
Featured Attractions
Leon discovers big talents.
Good Old Fred
The conclusion to Leon's tale.
Even, Zoë, and Dexter
The usual sucky love life of Pleione leads to an interesting change for the new school year at Orinda High, and eventually to a significant encounter between Evan and Dexter.

The Lights Return — a work in progress by sylversaturn. This work ties in with "Heavens and Earths."

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